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Animal cruelty

What the !!!!!!!, look at this pathetic sentence, 12 months supervised probration , whatever that is, but hold on it has been suspended.
What is wrong with the court system, okay this is in the USA, but come on this is animal cruelty at its best.
This woman Katherine Lumansky should have her mouth taped shut permantly.
When are we, as people of the world,going to stand up against shit judgements like this?
When is the court system going to hand out sentences that correspond to the crimes committed?
We can go on about the gaols being full, and courts blocked with petty crime but we have to get serious about issues.
This relates back to not enough funding by the government of the day, criminals committing crime, inadequate police to catch and charge these criminals and the court system that can judge and convict these crimes.

A question for us all is, is a crime against an animal equal to the same crime against a human?